Automotive Hail Damage

You Don't Need a Body Shop to Fix Your Dents

You Don't Need a Body Shop to Fix Your Dents

Get your car hail damage erased by the dent removal pros in Billings, MT

Has your car recently been in a hailstorm? The damage can add up quickly when hail starts coming down. There's no need to run to the shop when you want hail dent repair. Pinnacle PDR specializes in paintless dent repair. Our skilled technicians can work the dents out of your car and return its metal surfaces to like-new condition. We repair car hail damage quickly and efficiently.

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What's involved in hail dent repair?

Not all body shops have the tools and training needed to provide paintless dent repair. Instead, they might strip the paint off your car, fill in dents with plastic filler and paint over the area. They can blend the new paint to get a close match, but it won't quite look the same.

Paintless dent repair uses specialized tools to smooth out dents from the back of the body panel. This process doesn't require the use of toxic chemicals or materials, and it preserves the paint. It's the closest any process can come to fully repairing car hail damage and returning your car to its pre-incident condition.

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